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Help online

Colors in TeX     How to define colors in foil.tex and poster.tex
Colors     Some basics: physiological impression, spectrum, color definition
Emacs, HTML, Linux, Maple, NAg     The basics
NEdit for TeX     A user-friendly plain-text editor
ProsperTeX     PDF-Presentations (compatible to AcrobatReader)
TeX     The basics: Auc-TeX; Rev-TeX; LaTeX for Windows

Literature & Search

APS Research Journals
Bibliothek Universität Duisburg-Essen
  - Digitale Bibliothek    HBZ NRW
  - Electronic Journals Library Germany    (service for 312 universities)
Fachinfo Physik der Bibliothek
de.arXiv.org   e-Print Archive (mirror Augsburg)
ISI WEB of Knowledge    Search articles worldwide
Library of Congress    USA
Springer Journals    Online libraries
Virtuelle Fachbib. Physik    Access to information and services in physics


Further service links

Organisations in Physics

APS   American Physical Society
DFG   Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
DPG   Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
EPS   European Physical Society

Physics on the Web

An atlas of the universe   What does our universe look like...
APOD   Fascinating universe
AKI, Arbeitskreis Information der DPG   in German
STScI   Space Telescope Science Institute
Das Physikportal  in German: Search for physics worldwide
EPOD   Earth Science (related to APOD)
heavens above    Satellites and astronomy
IOTD    Images, discoveries vom NASA research and satellite missions
Nobel Prize 2013    in Physics
PhysNet   departments and documents worldwide
PhysicsWeb & IoP  News, jobs, and events

Public Transport

Airport Düsseldorf   from/to the airport (VRR)
Deutsche Bahn   Query Page DB
Public transportation   VRR region Duisburg and Essen


Aktuelles Vorlesungsverzeichnis
Fachschaft Campus Duisburg (MC126 Tel. 0203/379-2191)
International Office    Akademisches Auslandsamt
Studienberatung und Studienordnung, etc.


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