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SFB445   Nanopartikel aus der Gasphase
SFB491  Magnetische Heteroschichten
SFB616  Energie-Dissipation an Oberflächen
SFB/TR 12  Symmetries and Universality in Mesoscopic Systems

Honorary Doctorates in Theoretical Physics

awarded by Duisburg-Essen since 2006 and the former University Essen

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Prof. Dr. H.W. Diehl Statistical physics; field theory; phase transitions; critical phenomena; interfacial phenomena; soft condensed matter
Prof. Dr. P. Entel (em.) Ab-initio density functional theory; molecular-dynamics simulations in nucleation and growth of nano-particles; phase transitions
Prof. Dr. Roland Feder (em.) Electron structure in metals, surfaces and thin layers; magnetic properties; Dichte-Funktional-Theorie; low-energy electron diffraction (LEED), photo emission
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Robert Graham (em.) Theory of Bose-Einstein condensation; dissipative quantum systems; quantum chaos; quantum gravitation
Prof. Dr. Thomas Guhr Quantum Chaos and Random Matrix Models,  Quantum Chaos Approach to QCD,  Supersymmetry and Supergroups, Elasticity and Nanomechanics
Prof. Dr. Fritz Haake (em.) Quantum chaos; quantum optics; random lasers
Prof. Dr. Klaus Hornberger Quantum dynamics of complex systems; open quantum systems; quantum-to-classical transition
Prof. Dr. Jürgen König Quantentransport in Nanostrukturen, Spinelektronik, diagrammatische Transporttheorie
Prof. Dr. Peter Kratzer First-principles and statistical methods in materials physics
Prof. Dr.Lothar Schäfer Polymer solutions in thermodynamic balance; dynamics of polymers in chaotic environment
Michael Schreckenberg Theoretical physics of transport and traffic
Prof. Dr. Ralf Schützhold Quantum optics and quantum information theory
apl.Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Sommers Random matrices in chaotic and complex systems
Prof. Dr. Stefan Thomae Hydrodynamics; Nonlinear Dynamics
Prof. Dr. Klaus Usadel (em.) System of magnetism (magnetic order); shift dynamics of magnetization; phase transitions
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Wolf Computational physics; simulations of molecuar dynamics; granular matter; morphology and structure of nanoparticles; growth of thin films and kinetics of growth


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